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Many of our customers are eager to share their experiences with our company. 

We have used NBC services for several years and found them to be more competitive than other companies.  They are very professional and knowledgeable in the field. There staff are properly trained and coverage is constant.  They deliver a product with pride. The performance is outstanding.   I can count on them to accomplish tasks on short notice and they are very accommodating to our needs.

 Office Bldg. & Production Plant, DELAWARE


At first I was skeptical of these products, as every chemical representative or vendor assures me that there line is the best. I was present for the DE51 Grip Master anti slip product use and the results were Terrific, the staff were professional and knowledgeable.  I then observed the use of other DE51 products and found them to perform better than the larger brand names and at a more economical price.  I was so impressed that I now offer it to all my customers.

 Janitorial Service, PENNSYLVANIA


Thank you for the follow up and I have been waiting on some new equipment to assist in getting my marble floors clean before I could  give you a definitive thumbs up or down.  The good news is that the equipment arrived and we went to work and the results were excellent.  My marble looks to have been professionally cleaned and I will be saving a tremendous amount of money over the next year.

Restaurant, INDIANA


We have had several slip & falls, particularly related to adverse weather conditions, I was provided a demonstration of the DE51 Grip Master anti slip, myself and several employees observed an immediate difference in resistance.  I was impressed with the ease of application and that there were no changes in the maintenance aspect or floor appearance.  I also used the DE51 All purpose cleaner and must say that I am quite pleased with the performance of the products.


Our production area is constantly wet and causes safety concerns for our employees.  One of our measures taken was to have the DE51 Grip Master Anti Slip applied to the areas in question.  I was present and field tested the product and observed the improvement.  We also used the DE51 All purpose to wash our fleet of trucks and found them just as clean, but safer to our staff then the other chemicals and at a lower cost.  We were impressed with the results.

Manufacturing Plant, PENNSYLVANIA

We already had a line of cleaning solutions when Network Building Concepts first came to our business. At first I didn't think that they could help us. Boy was I wrong! Lori sampled us some of the DE51 All Purpose Green Cleaner and it worked great on everything. Now we use it to mop our floors, sanitize equipment, clean surfaces - basically everything. When we opened our second location, they came in and did a fantastic job polishing the floors. The tile looked like it wasn't a day old when they were done! Now this upcoming  weekend NBC is going to apply the Grip-Master to our floors so people won't slip. You can never be too safe with that sort of thing.

Network Building Concepts has a great line of products and services. But the thing is you get a fantastic company standing behind those products. They are dedicated to their clients, have a fantastic work ethic, and maintains a strong passion for success. In fact, Network Building Concepts has been one of our most valuable and helpful partners. The bottom line is that we use Network Building Concepts on a regular basis, and have nothing but good things to say.

Manager and Director of Marketing

Restaurant, INDIANA and KENTUCKY