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Mineral Based DE51 Cleaning Line

DE51 All-Purpose Cleaner

DE51 All Purpose is a very Versatile Multi use cleaner/degreaser which can be used for many cleaning applications.


Environmentally preferable, water based non-etching, non flammable, free rinsing, no intentionally added carcinogens, will not attack wax or paint, safer on all types of fibers and fabrics, and should not irritate skin or lungs.

Safety Rating: DE51 All Purpose is a water-based emulsion and is considered non-hazardous under the OSHA hazard communication standard. This product is not formulated with ingredients found on any list of hazardous, carcinogenic, or banned chemical agents or materials generated by them. This product contains no chemicals subject to SARA

Readily Biodegradable Non-Toxic     Non-Allergenic to skin

No Fragrances Added No VOCs  Safer for Animals and Humans

Non-Corrosive No Odor


DE51 All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser can Replace Many Products

DE51 All Purpose is a concentrated, multi-purpose, environmentally preferable cleaner and degreaser that can accomplish cleaning and degreasing tasks on any washable surface.  DE51 All Purpose dilutes with water to match the product to the task. DE51 All Purpose can be used with a variety of cleaning equipment:  Pressure washers, pump sprayers, steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, carpet shampooers, spray bottles, mop, sponge, towel and bucket.

DE51 All Purpose can replace all of these products:

All purpose cleaner, Laundry Detergent, Stainless Steel cleaner, Tile cleaner, Multi-surface cleaner, Parts cleaner, Upholstery cleaner,  Wood cleaner, Food Service Equipment cleaner, Floor cleaner and the list goes on...........

DE51 Bowl Cleaner

DE51 Bowl Cleaner safely and effectively removes lime deposits, rust spots, and soap scum from sinks, toilets, showers, drinking fountains, porcelain, enamel, stainless steel, tile, any surface that comes in contact with water.

Safe to use on Porcelain, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Admiralty Copper, Iron, Lead, PVC Plastics, Polyethylene, Rubber, Leather, and most  Metals

Readily Biodegradable Non-Toxic Non-Allergenic

Non-Flammable No VOCs Non-Hazardous


DE51 Carpet Shampoo and Spotter

DE51 Carpet Shampoo and Spotter is a neutral cleaner that removes stains, protects and deodorizes all in one application. DE51 Carpet Shampoo and Spotter is fast, safe, economical, and made with 100% all natural ingredients. DE51 Carpet Shampoo and Spotter will not remove any of the stain resistance or protective coating built into the carpet by the manufacturer. DE51 Carpet Shampoo and Spotter works well with a bonnet, extraction machines, or by hand applications.

Safety Rating: Laboratory tests show that this product should not harm eyes, skin, or clothing, and that it does not taint food.

Readily Bio-Degradable Non-Hazardous Non-Toxic

Neutral pH Factor Non-Corrosive Water Soluble

Non-Caustic No Carcinogen Materials