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Company History

                    Network Building Concepts. was established in Delaware City, Delaware in January 2007. Our second office located in Evansville, Indiana, was opened in February 2009.  The company’s owners have a collective 50 years experience in the building maintenance industry and are involved in the day to day activities.

                    Network Building Concepts, a WBE company, is licensed, bonded and insured to perform facility maintenance and services.  We are a single source vendor of facilities maintenance servicing for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, retail, restaurants, airports, malls, government agencies, chemical and manufacturing plants and other business environments.

                   Network Building Concepts’ principals, have vast experience in the industry, from establishing programs and overseeing accounts from one employee to over five hundred. We have a diverse customer geographic base of one to three hundred buildings, from a single retail structure to a campus environment, to high rise office buildings to manufacturing plants ranging from approximately a thousand square feet to over six million square feet. Each program we design is specific to the needs of the customer no matter the configuration of the business.

                  Network Building Concepts started as an integrated management organization, delivering quality services which includes janitorial services, construction cleaning, painting, janitorial supplies, hood cleaning, window cleaning, specialty floor care and networking consultations. As we expand into different geographic markets we  seek out the best in building maintenance services and develop relationships with these businesses to help ensure our customers are getting the quality service they need.

                   Network Building Concepts has a diverse clientele requiring unique innovative solutions and value.  Because of our customer needs and requirements, Network Building Concepts has introduced our DE51 Product Line of cleaning agents either green sealed or economically preferred. Included in this line is the DE51 Anti-Slip Gripmaster treatment which enhances floor friction. 

                  Network Building Concepts recognizes that the key to success is to deliver quality services and products. We realize that your respect can only be earned by our reliability, integrity and efficiency.  By assuring these elements, we are confident we can develop a positive, mutually productive relationship.