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DE51 Grip Master

DE51 Anti Slip Solution is a convenient and cost-effective way to prevent  increased insurance costs, and liability costly from slip-and-falls. DE51 Grip Master meets or exceeds the government standards and guidelines set in the American Disabilities Acts.

DE51 Grip Master Anti Slip Solution can be used ceramic tile, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate, granite, most marbles, concrete. fiberglass and more. Perfect for use in lobbies, factory floors, auto showrooms, bathrooms, tubs, showers, food preparation areas, dining areas - anywhere that a wet floor will present a hazard.

DE51 GRIP MASTER Anti Slip Solution Increases the CEF by 50% - 80%.

DE51 GRIP MASTER Anti Slip Solution can help reduce your slip and falls.

DE51 Anti Slip Solution is not a coating, goes on clear, will not yellow, and will not leave a hazy looking surface. DE51 Anti Slip Solution is a treatment process that creates a microscopic tread on the mineral surface.